5 / 11 / 2009
Wish you all the best and Happy Sailing in the beautiful Andaman & Nicobar Island Seas. God Bless

N K & Chitra Joshi C-in-C, ANC
5 / 11 / 2009
Congratulation on launching this bold venture .I am certain this will prove to be a small first step, with bigger things to follow. Wish you fair winds & following seas.

Air Vice Marshall GP Sharma Air HQ (VB)
15 / 12 / 2009
The Wonder and beauty of our seas and islands need to be exposed to the country-men. This new venture from MAKRUZZ is a big value addition in this direction. Huge comforts and courtesy is very visible- Wish you all the best & Happy Sailing.
Air Vice Marshal V K Narana. Dist HQ
19 / 12 / 2009
Wonderful experience in the boat. The staff, ambience and service excellent. I wish you and focer staff a lot of luck , happiness and ventuns.
Aparna Sen Film director & actress
24 Dec 09
Lovely experience- watching the beautiful islands on the sea in 5-star comfort and looked after by an experienced and caring staff on the boat. The only shag was the TV that was constantly on with blaring Hindi film music which had nothing to do with the trip and was an assault on the senses. I would strongly suggest that the TV is switched off hence for the � or else something is shown about the Andaman Islands.
Justice R.K Merathia Jharkhand High Court Ranchi
24th Dec 09
Very pleasant and comfortable , staff is very good. Thanks.
Manoranjan Bhakta EX MP
24th Dec 09
Excellent but lot of offers needed to vigilance the journey by sea. I congratulate Mohd Jadwet for this venture.
RR. MEHTA I.A.S Jt. Secretary Industries & Mines Dept Govt. of Gujarat Gandhihargar
25th Dec 09
Without Sugar Tea Coffee �Not available Diet Coke- Not available Can be arranged ? Thanks.
Lt Gen Dushyant Singh chana Commandant Armoured Corps Centre & School Ahmednagar (mah)
26TH Dec 09
Thank you, for the nice little voyage

Ashish Kumar Shradha Agarwal
26th Dec 09
Wonderful , exciting we will come again

Justice D. HARIPARANTHAMAN Juge, High Court, Madras
26th Dec 09
Excellent Trip
Kuldeep Goyal CMD, BSNL
26th Dec 09
An excellent journey. Quite Comfortable
Mrs Saroja Mathi DR Najma Heptulls Asma Heptulls
27th Dec 09
Excellent keep it up
27th Dec 09
A Very comfortable journey & excellent service provid cabin crew.
R chandna
28th Dec 09
Excellent service. Keep it the way may be music wou better than cartoon.
Ajit Bhauhoke
29th Dec 09
Very good service. We enjoyed the trip
Justice Dilip Gupta
29th Dec 09
Excellent service . Some effort should be made to keep the passengers quite. This will certainly make the trip more enjoyable.
G.G Saxena Secy Tsm A & N
29th Dec 09
First Pvt . Enterprise in A & N for tourist � best wishes- I want to see it a success.
Col Sarthar Ghosh
29th Dec 09
Thanks for providing a memorable experience. We do appreciate your initiative. A small suggestion of you may kindly consider At the Havelock part kindly prepare a smooth passage for both passengers and trolleyed luggage to approach the check in area The staff is nice and courteous . Thanks.
Justice Suresh Kait Judge, High Court of Delhi
29th Dec 09
Very comfortable journey . you have added a new chapter for Havelock for the Tourists.
Tiny & Vaneeta Kumaria HQ South Western Air Command Gandhi Nagar( Gujarat)
01st Jan 10
Excellent facility. Truly world class A great way to see the islands. The staff is warm & courteous. On time arrival & departure are truly commendable keep up the good work.
Sr. Irene D�Souza A.c 96 moore Avenue KOLKATA-700040
02nd Jan 10
It was a pleasant experience to travel by M V Makruzz. The facilities available are commendable. The staff members are very attentive and co-operative may god bless the Mak Company.
Taj Hassan IGP A & N Islands
03rd Jan 10
Nice ride - smooth and comfortable, staffs are very nice and cordial. All the best to Makruzz.
Lt Gen J.R Bhardwaj Member National Discolin Manager Anthors GOI New Delhi
08th Jan 10
Wonderful experience .Staff very cordial and energetic Keep it up
Air Vice Marshal JP Madhusudanan PMO, HQ TC IAF Bangalore
06th Jan 10
It is indeed a unique experience and thank you for the warm hospitality.
Bob Prysock & Gil Levy Tourists � from Amsterdam NL
19th Jan 10
When Gils shoulder was dislocated in a diving Accident the Makruzz Crew and Staff were very helpful in our time of need .We couldn�t have made is without them Thanks!
S. Rajalingam + 15 IAS PROBATIONERS.
19th Jan 10
Had very good experience and it was a pleasant journey.
Amit cowshish , J S & Adell FA Ministry of defaner(Finance)
25th Jan 10
An extremely enjoyable and memorable cruise, made comfortable with the warm hospitality. An experience one would cherish for a vary vary long time- indurd, former. A big thanks and best wishes.
D P Agarwal � M D TCI LTD- New Delhi
28th Jan 10
Wonderful experience with excellent service & maintenance crew are very co-operative & good. Very smooth sailing . It is indeed a great service to Andaman & Nicobar Island at such cheap fare without any subsidy from govt. I am proud of it . Keep it up.
Lt Gen RK Gupta Director General Supplies & Transport Integrated Defence HQs New Delhi
06th Feb 10
An enjoyable experience indeed . The ferry staff was most friendly , courtieous & helpful.
Justice D.K Sinha, Judge of The Jharkhand High Court , Ranchi
08th Feb 10
I with my wife Mrs Archana sinha and son Rohit Sinha experience beautiful voyage to Havelock by This Cruise Mak. A beautiful experience we have ever with the courtesy extended by its Crew I wish good luck to the management for its performance �Keep it up. �
S.B.S . Deol Director General of Police Andaman & Nicobar Islands
13th Feb 10
EThis addition to the attractions available will greatly enhance the tourist traffic, and is the first step to modernization, perhaps to be initiated by the authorities of the Union Territory . I wish the venture and its ocigenators the best of luck and fortune in the future.
Subhash .o. sonavane (IAS) Distict magistrate Maharashtra
14th Feb 10
The sea journey is very good and gave nice experience. The services lead to great deal achievement of the tourism growth .i wish a great success to the organizer.
Kajain (IPS)
14th Feb 10
Pleasantly surprised at superb service provided on the cruise from port blair to Havelock islands. The boat and the services match the highest standard . We are lucky to be sail today on the 100th journey of this boat . Best wishes to the operators.
Air com. R Goyal ( Indian Air Force) Air HQ new delhi
8th Mar 10
One can�t ask for a better way of going from portblair to Havelock . the makruzz is not just a modern facility. It means good sevice and care by the staff from the time you arrive at the jetty. Please keep up with the standards.
Air Marshal G S Koclia AOC-INC, CAC
13th Mar 10
The experience was unique and enjoyable . The crew were very professional.
Vice Admiral B R Rao
13th Mar 10
Thanks you very much for a wonderful hospitality and a very pleasant cruise.
Lt Gen Hps Klair
30th Mar 10
My compliment on the great venture comfortable cruise.
LT Gen M C Badhani
3rd Apr 10
An excellent craft and well maintained with a warm staff. Thank you for an enjoyable trip.
CAPT. L.k Panda
14th Apr 10
Well maintained safe craft for short pleasant journey .wish all to have the same .
CAPT. S K Shukla
14th Apr 10
Impressed and welcome to the cruise.
Divya Dutta Actor
20th Feb 11
Most memorable trip, great comfort & hospitality ! want to go come back .Real soon on this lovely cruise ! keep up the super standards!
Aashish Vaishnava Golf Consultant
20th Feb 11
Funtastic experience ! look forward to come back. Best wishes
A Banerjee, Chief surveyor �cum-Addnl. D-G, D-G Shipping , Mumbai
17th Aug 11
A pride for the Indian fleet ! May it ply safety & render ecstasy to many passengers who visit these islands Reminds me of my frequent trips between Copen hagen & Malmo as a WMU student way, bak in 1994-95. Chow Mak Logistics!
Capt S.C. Mandal, Principal Officer.
17th Aug 11
It is something that the nation specially shipping fraternity can be proud of. Being in this HS craft for ride thro the scenic beauty of Andaman water is heavenly refreshing for body and soul. I look forward to take up a trip like this Shorty in the year to come.
U B Sonawane, Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai
26th Oct 11
Truly avaring experience, international class ship, one suggestion again is to introduce a sale of Replica of this �beautiful� ship, tempted to take it have right away.
Archana Chitris Minister Govt of M.P
09th Dec 11
The ambience , the staff and the service is praise worthy. Unforgettable experience .Shows the Maritimes bounty all around.
Vikas Saxena (Custom Officer)
09th Dec 11
Marvelous experience, the interior is excellent, staff is very supportive & courteous.
Avikal Saxena (Engineering Student)
09th Dec 11
�AWSOME� experience - Service is commendable - Staff is cooperative - Concerning the facilities ply make sure all your animities are working properly, likely in our case the TV is not working else whare the service is awsome
26th Jan 12
Was a wonderful trip on the Repsblictan . Jai Hind.
26th Jan 12
A nice move towards Tourism of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Satinder Singh Bajwa Commercial business Head Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
16th Feb 12
Fantastic experience . Difficult to imagine that our country offers such experience Keep it up & best wishes
Nalini Chidambaram Senior Advocate
23th Feb 12
I was an exhilarating experience. Enjoyed the journey
06th Mar 12
Our group greatly enjoyed the cruise, very kindly and accommodating staff. A lovely experience � Many thanks.
Mr Manoj Gangal, Airport Director Port Blair. D Umamaheswar, Chief Manager ONGC
10th Mar 12
Very Exiting and Adventerous
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